Guarantees & Proof

Users have complete control over their funds

The DeFireX smart contract provides autonomous and complete control over funds, granting the ability to withdraw funds through any available Blockchain Explorer, for example Etherscan or BSCscan, even when the site is down.

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TimeLock & Multisignature

We have developed and implemented a protective mechanism for users that provides full guarantees of the security of all digital assets that users have placed on DeFireX smart contracts.

✔ Any changes to the conditions of the work of a smart contract come into force via voting after 48 hours.

If the proposed changes do not correspond to the interests of the user, the user has the opportunity to withdraw their funds to their wallet before activation, because updates to a smart contract come into force 48 hours after it is confirmed, creating a completely secure TimeLock model. All updates are published on

DAO Management

The project has an open smart contract that is managed by platform users holding a deposit of more than 50,000 DAI. Users with such a deposit are eligible for multi-signatures. Only the project team and no one else have access to the funds on the smart contracts. The project team proposes changes and options for asset management and platform users can approve or reject them using their multi-signatures. Any update must be confirmed by more than 60% of multi-signature holders.

Open Source

Our service uses a fully transparent, decentralized smart contract architecture built on top of the Ethereum blockchain.

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Transparent DeFi Economy

We have implemented a completely transparent technology that takes full advantage of the power of DeFi. Only the project team and no one else have access to user funds placed through the DeFireX smart contract. All balances and transactions are open and available for verification.

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The DeFireX project was launched in October 2019. Our company is officially registered in Estonia, and has all the necessary licenses for working with crypto assets.

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