Important Information About DeFireX


DeFireX is a platform for profitable Yield Farming and investments in decentralized financial services with high yield rates and full control of funds! The DeFireX team is committed to keeping the DeFi ecosystem as fair and secure as possible, making Yield Farming accessible to users of all levels, and providing everyone with a simple and straightforward way of automatically increasing their profitability using the Binance Smart Chain.

Thanks to the development of the DeFireX service, huge opportunities have been opened for the mass market segment, allowing users to make money on decentralized financial instruments and services that were previously available only to select users with large amounts of disposable funds.

Using the capabilities of Yield Farming and the liquidity volumes of other large digital DeFi services used in the DeFireX architecture, users can now resort to various DeFi services in a couple of clicks. They can provide liquidity for issuing loans, make deposits, access cryptocurrency exchanges and conduct P2P transfers all the while receiving a commission from each transaction and, at the same time, maintaining full control over their funds! Thanks to DeFireX, users can become part of the global financial system and receive commissions for every transaction while risking nothing!

The DeFireX smart contract works successfully for the mass market and yields from 60 to 500% per annum without considerable risks of a drawdown of the initial deposit! Deposits and withdrawals can be made at any time. Users do not send their funds to the platform – they freeze them on a smart contract through their personal wallet, receiving ‘security tokens’ in return, which give them the right to reclaim their tokens at any second.

Income from farming is recorded and credited daily to user wallets, eliminating the risks of market volatility. The DeFireX platform is a stable system of passive profit-making with the best performance and highest guarantees on the global DeFi market.

Team and Partners

We are not anonymous! The team members of DeFireX have been working in blockchain development since 2011. Our company is a major player among the world’s leading DeFi companies, and a leader in Blockchain development. The DeFireX team has dozens of successfully completed projects on its track record. We are the creators of the world’s first decentralized projects, such as Stored, Smartstarter, etc. (online constructor of decentralized applications and blockchain solutions, and a distributed decentralized database).

Some of our team members: